You can’t have your cake and eat it

Where are all the Software Development Managers?

Many of the Software Development Manager positions posted today in Greater Toronto Area have been posted consistently since I arrived here some 6 years ago. A similar story is told worldwide. It seems some get filled but 3 or 6 months later the same posting is back. One thing that can help fix that is proper training, mentoring, and coaching by an experienced hand.

Qualification alone is not useful unless we have real experiences is a concept widely expressed by great writers but time and time again we see qualification as the main criteria for selection. The Software Development Manager training combines your qualification with my experience. Qualification tells us someone has the knowledge to do something, experience is proof someone can do it.

You want how young and how much experience?

You want to develop new talent, Generation #, or the Millennial’s but you also want the experience of an expert with 30 years of software development management and software development life cycle (SDLC) experience. It could be that you have a “Women in Leadership”, “Women in Tech”, or “Young Person in Leadership” initiative but to get things moving now you need an expert Software Development Manager regardless of identity to train or mentor them. I’ve seen so many job advertisements asking for just these types of candidates. You can’t have your cake and eat it was my first thought and that is why I reinvented myself as a trainer, mentor, and coach after 30 years in Software Development Management. Now you can have your cake and eat it – but you will have to partner with this boomer to do it.

There is an old Irish proverb that says:-

Wisdom makes a poor man king,
a foolish man reasonable,
and a good generation of a bad one

Delivery Methods

I train, mentor, coach groups or individuals using a variety of delivery methods depending on whether you are local or in the Greater Toronto Area – face-to-face, telephone video conferences, online meetings etc. You can buy a complete course or by the hour consultancy. We can also agree for an amount of time that we I provide further support after the course is completed.

Do you need a shadow?

I can also work as a Consultant Software Development Manager, Director, or VP and work alongside you to train, coach, and mentor you into the position – as a shadow. I will work with you to accomplish everything to do with the Software Development Manager, Director, and/or VP role. Together we will lead high performing organized Software Development Teams using traditional or agile methods.

What else do I offer?

  1. Root Cause Analysis & Expert Witness
  2. Speaking and Writing Engagements
  3. Review and Audit your Software Development Management and SDLC
  4. Provide Professional Opinion and References

Who do I work with?

I can help anyone involved with Software Development Projects – not just the Software Development Manager. This is not about writing code but managing it, answering the why’s, knowing the potential problems and the solutions, how to build teams and get them working, and how to communicate between technologists and non-technologists:

  1. Executives
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. VP’s
  4. Directors
  5. Managers
  6. Software Engineers and Developers
  7. Sales and Marketing
  8. Anyone involved with Software Development

Prepare for 2020

Get ready for 2020 and kick start you, your employee’s, and your organisations future in Software Development Management. Contact me through LinkedIn or and/or send a connection request to get latest updates and mark me for future reference.

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