The (W)hole Story

A software team has dug itself into a big hole. As Software Engineering Leader I’ll throw new tools and materials of your choice into the hole. What will you do with the tools and materials?

  1. build table and chairs to make the hole more comfortable
  2. build a ladder and climb out of the hole

It’s a question I use to lead Software Engineers to make the correct conclusion unavoidable, and they arrive at that conclusion themselves. If I told them what to do there would be less buy in than trusting them to make their own decision and having complete buy in. It is difficult as a leader if you believe the wrong option is chosen but if you give the team breathing space to make a mistake they will learn.  Listen more and talk less to show you value their expertise and that maybe you will learn that they chose the right option. It’s more important to value the team’s opinion and expertise and grow together than say “I told you so.”

It’s a big ask to step back but easier when a leader has non-negotiable standards expected of software engineers that control the quality of the final output such as standards for – coding, object-orientation, testing, security, architecture etc.

It’s just one way I can help organisations with Software Development, Software Engineering, and the SDLC.

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