Academic v Experienced Software Engineers

A while ago, I did a root cause analysis for a Toronto client. They had problems with a software engineering team having the most trivial of tasks always missing deadlines. We found the root cause in recruitment not Software Engineering.

Job descriptions listed academic certifications as must-have. ATS found academic certification but could not convert to equivalent experience. Candidates then subjected to academic tests by HR which were assessed using a third-party. The Software Development Manager was out the loop until HR and ATS had filtered out the experienced. The team was 100% academic and needlessly over complicating solutions.

  • Academics can pass tests but have little if any experience to solve real life problems. Theoretical knowledge often is irrelevant in the workplace.
  • Experienced people have real-life experience and may find tests suited to academics harder – but in the real-world flourish.
  • Academics focus on theoretical perfection even if it doesn’t make a difference.
  • Experienced people focus on what makes a difference to the business.
  • Academics over complicate to prove a theory whereas the experienced simplify to make it economical and efficient.

The solution was the Software Development Manager scanning resume’s after the ATS and HR had their duties reduced to within their capabilities.

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