Hiring Software Engineers Checklist

When hiring I focus on software engineering & mindset which is 90% of the job & cannot be captured by ATS or tests. Discussion with experts will. Language & qualification are secondary. I created this guide to write my job descriptions, scan resumes, & interview to capture what the ATS cannot.

  1. Developer codes single objects. Engineers systems of multiple reusable objects.
  2. Smaller projects a jack-of-all-trades. Larger a specialist in each area.
  3. Qualification alone is no use. Real experience is. Academics can solve tests but not necessarily real problems. Experienced people solve problems but not necessarily tests.
  4. Domain specific know one industry. Others bring new ideas to the table from a variety of domains.
  5. With tools, processes, and technology zealots are fanatical & uncompromising, pragmatists are practical, evangelists seek to convert others to their ideals.
  6. Optimists assume code never fails so reduce tests. Skeptics assume code will fail and increase tests.
  7. Great engineers’ question & constructively criticize. Others do whatever is said without question.
  8. Many love to write new code – but few to debug. Fewer will debug someone else’s.

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