Empowering Software Engineers

One of the most difficult things for leaders to do is trust its software engineers to do what they do best – often because they don’t understand software engineering and always think the wool is being pulled over their eyes. They get a little knowledge and micro-manage.

We need to let the software engineers do what they do best. Software engineering as an art and a science. Have you ever noticed how you slow down and make mistakes when someone is looking over your shoulder? Artists make mistakes, they erase things, and begin again. Scientists make and break things, they use and refine calculations until they get perfection. That is also how software engineers work.

My course on Software Development Management will give you the Knowledge & experience to promote Teams that are:

  • self-managing
  • self-organizing

I can provide you the knowledge to be a Leader of high performing organized Software Development Teams using traditional or agile methods to:

  • trust to make decisions
  • value their opinion and expertise
  • listen more and talk less to value their expertise
  • give them breathing space to make mistakes – that is how people learn.
  • be efficient without compromising quality.
  • reduce costs through automation, reusability, & efficiency.
  • be subject matter experts in the evolutionary control of software using tools, processes, & methodology.

I teach you to understand so the wool cannot be pulled over your eyes – and your team will know that. They will value you, and you will value them. You will know how to recruit, retain, and develop the best team possible.

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