Stiofain Padraig – Coach, mentor, & trainer

Hi, I’m Stiofain Padraig Your Coach, Mentor, and Trainer

Steve Padraig - Champion of high-performing & self-organized software engineering teams

Programmer to Software Engineering Leader over 30 years – started as an apprentice in 1990 and worked my way up though various Software Engineering and leadership roles. I know Software Development from the ground up. Software Development Management is the art and science of planning and leading software engineering projects and teams. I can give you the secrets to success.

Many domains – This allows me to bring new ideas to the table with knowledge & capability to compare & contrast from experience in variety domains. That has given me more efficiency and ultimately more strategy as I pick from the best tools, process, and technology.

Many project and product types – my most notable experience was software to automate Software Development practices, writing application frameworks, application & network monitoring, versioning & revisioning, continuous integration

Small local and complex large international projects

Waterfall and agile (Pragmatic) Guided more by practical considerations than by ideals of any tool, process, or technology. I know the time when to implement a quick or elegant and robust solution. I see a balance between practicality and perfection.

Many cultures – My experience began in UK but has taken me through Europe, Asia, US, and now Canada

For those aspiring to be champion of high-performing and self-organized Software Development Teams, Software Engineering Teams, and the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) using waterfall or agile you can use one of my consultancy services or enroll at the Software Development Manager training options.   Completing will take you and your team to the next level.  Perhaps you are already experienced and can just take one of our Software Engineering Manager and or Software Engineer Certifications. 

What I teach you can save you $10,000’s or $100,000’s when leading an engaged Software Engineering team – and hours and hours of research, trial and error. It has taken 30 years of experience to give you these secrets that I used to charge an in-person consultancy fee 10 times more. This is a unique and premium course for the c-suite, directors, managers, and leaders and aspiring leaders of software engineers. This course was not written for the masses but for the elite like you. I do not teach about writing code but managing it, answering the why’s, knowing the potential problems and the solutions, how to build teams and get them working, and how to communicate between technologists and non-technologists

I bridge the gap between technologists and non-technologists summarized enough for

  • non-techies to understand,
  • and detailed enough for techies to accomplish.

I answer the why’s, knowing the problems and the solutions, how to build teams and get them working. I promote teams that address the two most common features in struggling/failing software projects:

  • pressure from non-techies to implement change to fast and without first understanding the impact and risk
  • inability of techies to explain and non-techies to understand the intricate nature of Software Development

My target audience is but not limited to:

  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • VP’s
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Software Engineers and Developers
  • Anyone involved with Software Development

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